Deck Refinishing



Many North Carolina homeowners invest thousands upon thousands of dollars building beautiful wooden decks onto their homes and properties.  Sadly, many of these decks get neglected or not maintained properly and they end up deteriorating and eventually become dilapidated old decks.  The sun, rain, snow and freezing weather all play a part in the destruction of your wood decking material.

WoodTeks LLC is a full service wood restoration contractor serving North Carolina.  One of the services we provide is wood deck restaining and restoration.  It’s a little more thorough then just a simple restain though.  We actually put a lot of thought and work into our deck restoration process because we want our customers decks to look great and be protected for many years.

Our Deck Restoration Process Includes:

Thorough Inspection of Wood

We come out to your home and take a look at your deck.  We check to see what type of wood was used in constructing your deck.  We also check for any places of rot(we have master carpenters who can replace anything on your deck).  Once we look at the wood we then check to see if any previous stain or sealer has been applied to your deck.  We then get measurements and go over in detail the steps needed to make your deck look new again.

  • Ipe Deck Refinishing
  • Ipe Deck Staining
  • Hardwood Deck Refinishing
  • Pressure Treated Deck Refinishing
  • Cedar Deck Refinishing
  • Deck Staining

Chemical Cleaning or Stripping

The first step in the restoration process involves using specialty cleaners(they’re environmentally friendly by the way).  In order for your deck to look like new again you have to get back to new wood.  Based on what we saw in the previous step we know what chemicals to use and at what strength.  We apply the chemicals with battery charged units. Once applied the cleaners will begin to soften and liquify the old degraded finish(if one was previously applied), soften dead grayed UV damaged wood fibers, kill mold and mildew and eradicate dirt.  We then use LOW pressure from our commercial pressure cleaning equipment, usually 500-1000 psi to remove the old finish(if needed), mold, mildew and dirt.  Revealing new wood!

Neutralize/Brighten Wood

You won’t hear many painters talking about PH but it’s a big deal when you are using cleaners and other professional chemicals to clean wood.  Because these cleaners are highly alkaline on the PH scale we need to use a chemical neutralizer to help balance the PH of the wood decking material.  Many painters have no idea what this step is and it makes a big difference in your final finish and how long it will last.  We apply the Brightener to the wood with the battery charged units, making sure to cover all wood.  When the Brightener is applied you can literally start to see the wood change colors right before your eyes.

Buffing, Sanding and Other Prep

Once the deck has been fully cleaned only then can we really begin our prep work on your deck.  Our professionals will now proceed to set nails, secure or replace any loose decking material and other agreed upon repairs.  Then we begin buffing your deck, pickets and handrails.  We use professional buffers with buffing brushes attached that remove all “fuzzies” from the chemical cleaning process.  We then blow off all sanding dust.  WELCOME TO YOUR NEW DECK!

Staining or Painting Your Wood Deck

After our crew has finished with any repairs and the extensive prep work we begin masking off your house to prevent any stain from being on any surface that it wasn’t intended to be on.  We want you to not even know we’ve been at your house besides the gorgeous deck that you now have!  Like in other areas of our work we use specialized stains that don’t come from big box stores or local paint suppliers.  Over the years we have did thorough testing, research and development with many stain manufacturers in order for us to have a stain that we can feel comfortable using on our customers properties.  We won’t use anything that we wouldn’t use on our own home.  Simply put WE KNOW what looks beautiful, long lasting, easy to maintain and preserve the wood! We will meticulously stain every detail, from the decking material to the stairs, to the handrails and everything in between.  We saturate the wood with the stain to the point of refusal.  The stains and finishes we use are paraffin oil based and will not crack, peel or darken up every time you need to do a maintenance coat.  It will be resistant to mold, mildew and capable of handling many years of abuse. Like our log home maintenance plans, we have maintenance plans for decks as well.  If we restore your deck and keep it maintained you will NEVER have to go through the whole stripping, buffing process again for as long as you own the home.  We Guarantee you will be satisfied!

If you have a wood deck in the North Carolina area that could use a little facelift then give WoodTeks LLC a call today or fill out one of our online forms.