Log Home Staining

Do You Need To Stain or Re-stain Your Log Home or Timber Frame Structure?
Protecting Your Wood Structure With Stain Also Enhances It’s Appearance

Log homes and timber frame structures are natural materials (wood) so therefore can be affected by the elements and insect infestations.  Staining your log structure is a great way to protect the woods integrity while also enhancing the appearance with a wide variety of stain choices.

WoodTeks LLC is a local North Carolina contractor based out of Jonesville, NC.  We specialize in sanding and staining log homes and timber frame structures throughout the state.  From staining your newly built log home to stripping, sanding and re-staining an existing log structure where the finish might be deteriorating.  WoodTeks LLC are your local log home experts.

Log Home Staining in North Carolina

  • Sanding and Staining Log Homes
  • Sanding and Staining Log Structures
  • Sanding and Staining Timber Frame Homes
  • Sanding and Staining Exterior Wood
  • New Log Home Staining
  • New Log Cabin Staining

Choosing The Right Stain For Your North Carolina Log Home

A general rule of thumb when choosing a stain for your log home or timber frame structure is the richer the pigment  the more protection it offers your home.  With today’s technology and the creation of transoxide and nano pigments your logs can get great protection from the sun and still have full transparency highlighting all the grain of the wood.  The pigment in stains acts as a sunscreen for your wood.  It prevents the wood from deteriorating from the harmful UV rays of the sun.  The sealer part of the stain prevents water from entering the wood, thus preventing rot.  The water will either roll right off of the wood or bead up and eventually evaporate.  We have tested numerous stains over the years and know them inside and out.   We use only stains with the finest pigments and best mildew resistance that money can buy.  Which is one of the many reasons we don’t use stains that come from local paint suppliers and big box stores.  Whichever stain color you end up choosing it’s important you only use products that were designed and intended only for use on logs.

When you choose to WoodTeks LLC to sand and stain your log home or timber frame structure we’ll discuss your staining options and help you make the right decision for your log home.

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