Log Home Inspections

Log Home Inspections in North Carolina

Are You Considering The Purchase Of A Log Home or Cabin in North Carolina?

There is no doubt that log homes make for beautiful places to live.  The natural, rustic beauty of a log home is something very few will give up once they’ve lived in one.  Because they are made with logs (a natural product) log homes can be very susceptible to the elements and also insects which can cause damage to your home and accelerate it’s deterioration.

WoodTeks LLC is a log home refinishing and restoration specialist based out of North Carolina.  One of the services we offer that has become quite popular is our thorough log home or cabin inspections for either prospective log home buyers or people who may have an older log home they’ve lived in for many years or possibly a vacation home that they don’t visit frequently.

With a WoodTeks LLC log home inspection you can have the peace of mind knowing that the professionals have gone through the home’s construction and condition with a fine tooth comb.  Our log home refinishing experts know exactly what to look for and where to look for it when dealing with log homes.

Log Home Inspection Services in North Carolina

  • Log Home Inspections For Buyers
  • Log Home Inspections For Sellers
  • Log Home Inspections For Vacation Homes
  • Log Cabin Inspections

What Are We Looking For With a Log Home Inspection?

One of the first things we are looking for is the overall condition of the logs themselves.  Have they been cleaned before?  Have they been refinished before and with what type of finish?  Have they ever been treated with Borate before?  We are also on the lookout for any signs of insect infestations or dry rot that might be occurring within some of the logs.  Repairing a log home is not as easy as cutting out some affected drywall and replacing it.  Every log in your homes structure plays an important role and any repair or replacement work must be completed by skilled professionals.

Log Home Inspections and Maintenance

We understand that consumers are naturally concerned about the condition of a log home and probably even more concerned about the maintenance to preserve it.  While inspecting your log home (or log home you might be going to buy) we will also talk about recommended maintenance for the home, what should be getting done and how often.  Log structures last a very long time when properly cared for. WoodTeks LLC works on log homes and cabins everyday.  If you need to have a log home or cabin inspected in the North Carolina area then please give us a call today and we’ll get right back to you.


*Please note that we are not licensed home inspectors. For potential buyers we first recommend that a licensed inspector look at the house. If you desire we can gladly schedule a time to come out and inspect the house afterwards.