About Us

Hi, my name is Jason Benge.  I’m the owner of WoodTeks LLC based in Jonesville, NC.  Firstly I would like to extend a thank you for visiting our website.  I personally hope you read through the pages and get a better understanding of what we do.  Enjoy the site!

A little about myself…As I stated my name is Jason.  I’m married to a beautiful Godly woman named Gracie.  Gracie and I have 3 wonderful children: Ethan, Jayden and Kinzey.  We enjoy being outdoors, church and using every bit of extra time that we have doing fun things with our kids.  Gracie usually has her hands full watching “4” kids, me being the Big Kid, lol.


From early on in life I always loved the beauty of wood.  I grew up on a farm being outdoors all the time and enjoying nature so I guess you could say that loving wood just came natural to me.  In 2003 while working for Wake Forest University I got to help in restoring some outdoor Teak furniture.  I really loved taking something old and making it look new again.  I’ve always been a perfectionist so it came natural to me to wanna make sure every detail was perfect.  From that point on I decided to start a Pressure Cleaning business including deck restoration.  I researched everything that I could get my hands on when it came to chemicals, equipment and wood care.  In fact I have almost everyday for the past 12 years.  I would spend hours each day researching and then trying different things.  I remember starting on my own deck.  I stripped the old Thompson’s Water Seal(yes I admit that I used that product, before I knew better lol), mildew and dirt off of the deck using the cleaners that I had researched about.  I couldn’t believe my eyes as I saw the old finish just come right off, and then once it dried it was like brand new.  I was like “Wow!”  I then proceeded to stain the deck, it turned out beautiful!  From that point on I was hooked!  Over the next few years I would still wash houses, concrete and commercial buildings, but every chance that I could get to do a deck I would take.  I loved wood!  During that time I got to do my first log home.  I traveled to Tennessee to train at a Perma-chink Log Home seminar for some extra training and also attended log home shows.  I am also a Zero Failures graduate of Sashco’s log home restoration and maintenance program.  I was so excited to finally get the chance to do one.  I used the same principles that I had used on decks and it turned out great!  The owner of the home was thrilled!  He said, “you have the most knowledge of anyone I’ve ever talked to and you’re the hardest working contractor that I’ve ever seen”.  From that point on I was even more hooked on wood restoration.  Over the next several years I tested various log home and deck stains, researched chemical formulas and spent more time researching wood and log structures than I can count, also studied about common problems that can occur with log homes.  I gained a ton of information.  If there was a degree for wood care I would most certainly have a Doctorate lol.  I began to do log home interior fine finishing of walls, trim and interior and exterior doors.  If it was wood I was gonna do it.  From new construction log homes to window trim and everything in between. By this time I had restored thousands upon thousands of square feet of wood.  I began to focus more and more on getting away from everything else and focusing on exterior wood restoration. Often I would state that “I would love to just have a business that focused on wood care.”

Well in March of 2015 I started WoodTeks LLC.  We ONLY work with wood!  I began this business from the many years of seeing firsthand the hurt of homeowners who had spent thousands of dollars on building their dream home, only to be left with a mess, either from the start, or a few years down the road. It’s not the homeowners fault in most cases.  They put their trust in the general contractor who built the home, trusting that he would know what he was doing and hire the best, most knowledgeable subs to perform work on the home. When unfortunately that’s not what usually happens.  Over the years I have witnessed new construction contractors hire out cheap “painters” to come out and not prep the logs correctly and put inferior products on the home.  I’ve saw brand new homes that you could see right through the walls to the outside.  As I have often said that if it weren’t for “painters” I wouldn’t have a job.

This is where WoodTeks comes in.  We come out and fix the problem, giving you back your dream home and peace of mind.  I’m thankful that God has blessed me with the knowledge and ability to do what I love.  We have great employees(a combined over 70 years of working with wood) who share the same moral values as I and also the same passion to “restore, preserve and beautify one of God’s creations”.

Thanks again for viewing our site, God Bless

Jason Benge